Mats are a great, practical solution to keeping your premises clean, hazard free and looking smart. Our range of mats, combined with the option to rent or buy, offers a value solution for every business. We are happy to provide samples so that you can try out our mats and see the immediate advantages for yourselves.

Buy or Rent: Many of our customers choose to rent their mats from us, so with our regular professional cleaning service included, they get a cost-effective, efficient solution and are sure their premises will always look their best. We can regularly pick up your dirty mats, provide replacements and then drop off your lovely clean mats so your place always looks smart and fresh.

We’re here to help: For more details on our mat rental service or if you don’t see what you’re after here on our website, please contact us. We can source most items through our supplier partners and custom made designs are not a problem.


ENTRANCE WAYS, WELCOME MATS: Our wide range of dirt-stopper mats help to keep your premises clean, safe and welcoming. They are the most flexible, durable, and color-saturated mats on the market. Made with durable Solution Dyed Nylon 6,6, our mats will not lose their color or durability after exposure to bleach, soiling, or sunlight, even countless industrial washes.

Our customers use them to absorb moisture in grocery stores, to collect dirt and oil in manufacturing facilities and garages, and to trap dust at the entrance of retail stores and restaurants.

These mats are available to buy or rent, with most customers choosing the rental option which is all inclusive of our regular professional cleaning service, pick up and drop off.

We’re here to help: Please contact us for more details.

Anti-Fatiue & Non-Slip

HEALTH & SAFETY AND COMFORT FIRST: When it comes to any workplace, safety and comfort are top priorities. It’s just common sense. That’s why anti-fatigue / non-slip mats are essential equipment for kitchens, grocery stores, food preparation areas, hotels, health clubs, automotive shops, restrooms, wash basin areas and more. Quality offers a cost-effective range, all with real business benefits:

Reduce leg fatigue: These mats are manufactured to reduce pressures and strains caused by standing or sitting in one position over time. By reducing fatigue and noise, they help maintain comfort levels, thus increasing productivity.

Increase safety: Non-slip cleats and beveled edges plus resistance to oils, solvents and water reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls.

Increase hygiene: Plus, these mats inhibit bacterial growth in warm wet areas like kitchens and washrooms that would otherwise encourage slime growth, leading to slippery surfaces.

Logo Mats

PROMOTE YOUR BRAND AND LOOK SMART: Share the personality of your company in full color. Guests and employees alike notice company logos, product names, brands and promotions with logo mats.

Mat customisation begins with your brand, and ends only with your imagination. Our talented designers will help you create a logo mat as beautiful as it is hard-working.

We’re here to help: Please contact us for more information on our logo mats or to discuss your needs.

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